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Other Metal Structures

Standard or Commercial Sizes

Our self storage metal structures will protect your equipment and live stock from all the weather damaging elements. You may choose a standard self storage or will will customize one to fit your needs.

Premier's Building Systems can be customized and configured so m any ways. There is almost nothing a Premier steel Structure can't cover. Boat dock covers, pipeline covers, equipment covers, wood and loafing sheds. What ever your needs Premier Steel has the solutions..

Chet with Premier Steel Structures did an excellent job. His expertise and willingness to think outside the box enabled us to modify some of his existing structures for our unique application. Our raceway which are well on their way to paying for themselves by reducing our work load and increasing the overall efficiency of our program. I would personally recommend Premier Steel Structures to anyone. (read more)
Brett Boyd
Manger 1
South Santiam Fish Hatchery

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Size & Options - Click here for Gallery

Width 10' - 12' -14' - 16' - 18' - 20' - 22' - 26' - 28' - 30'
Lengths 20' Extendable in 4' - 5' increments
Heights 6' - 13' Extendable 1' Increments
Metal Roofing / Siding 29 Gauge

Commercial Sizes

Width 12' - 40'
Lengths 20' - 100' increments
Heights 10' - 12' - 14' - 16'